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Mobile Executive Pty Ltd, and its subsidiary, Random Computing Services Pty Ltd, have been deeply ingrained in the IT community in Canberra for almost 30 years.

Our goal is to provide premium Software solutions and services that deliver efficiency, security, and analytics, whilst aiding our customers in achieving their day-to-day business.

Among many of our software solutions, we are proud to offer our flagship tool, mobileX, for advanced diary and correspondence management and workflow solutions. Used and loved by some of Australia and New Zealand's highest holders of Government office.

Mobile Executive Pty Ltd, previously trading as Random Computing Services Pty Ltd. (RCS), is Australia’s longest established and leading vendor focused on workflow, correspondence, and governance system software, specialising in HCL Domino and Notes.

The Company was established in 1991 and operates from its head office in Canberra, ACT with an office in Sydney, NSW and  representation in Melbourne, Washington, and New Zealand.
The Company has focused on the development and progressive update of its unique executive software as well as delivering third party software solutions and services to over 200 clients totalling more than 1,600 completed projects over many years.

Mobile Executive are a Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) qualified provider. With extensive knowledge of Government and security requirements. This has been demonstrated through the successful provisioning of software and services to small and large-scale Federal and State Government Agencies.

Using experienced, skilled, and security cleared (to NV2) staff, we deliver projects customised to requirements. We offer a comprehensive suite of software and bespoke products fit for enterprise, including HCL partner systems. Mobile Executive can support and underpin future strategies for Agencies by assisting with redevelopment strategy, training, application development, and integration services with a specialist focus on Domino systems.

Mobile Executive are strong supporters of community, inclusion, and equal opportunity. Ensuring our products, services, and business support local industry and promote mutual support of small business and the development of future talent

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Our Partners


Executive Solutions
Mobile Exec offers a number of made-for-business products. Specifically designed with Government and busy mobile Executives, their support staff, and Planners in mind.

Ranging from Diary Resource Management, and Enterprise Correspondence Management, to tone analytics and mapping visualization. Used by Ministers, Government, and Private Enterprise, our products are proven, feature packed, secure, and easy to use.

If you have an extremely busy office, or are looking to gain efficiency, our products are designed to ease coordination, and streamline day to day operations.


As a preferred IBM Partner since 1992, Random Computing Services provides specialist IBM product administration and consulting, with a focus on Notes and Domino. Since 2019 Random Computing Services have been working with HCL.

Our staff are trained Certified Industry Professionals providing the skills and advice necessary to administer, develop, integrate, or improve solutions for your business.

As well as consulting on simple to complex Notes and Domino issues, we can also provide both long-term on-going Administration support, or short term assistance.

Development &

Mobile Exec is a leading software development vendor with over 25 years’ experience. Offering key IT consulting services for Corporate and Government on a wide range of issues. We also provide a focus on Workflow, Government Systems, Cyber Security solution, and IBM Microsoft tools.

As a specialised company, we have trained Certified Industry Professionals ready to provide the skills and advice necessary to develop, integrate, or improve solutions for your business. The team are fully informed on the latest technologies in their field.

We are particularly well known for working with high profile clients and large Government Agencies. Providing them with superior service and advice.

With our team holding a minimum NV1 Government Security Clearance, we can ensure the secure treatment of sensitive and classified information.


Mobile Exec offer a wide range of Project Management services for your business.

From Project Design, to implementation, our skilled PM’s are experienced in large scale delivery and can be used to both supplement or manage your project needs.

Give us a call or shoot us a message to discuss your needs.


Developing technical solutions to business problems. Our Business Analysts provide wide scale requirements gathering, evaluation, documentation, technical topology mapping, and process design to assist in fulfilling your business needs.

Experienced in large scale and complex analysis, we offer a range of Analyst services. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.



Cyber Governance
From inception to implementation, our service and software solutions are designed to maintain currency, security, and the often-overlooked insider threat.

Providing solutions that range from monitoring software, to a full Partnership of Industry Subject Matter Experts. We offer superior Cyber Governance skills, software tools and Change Management. Combining a tailored, wholistic approach to Cyber Security for Government and Industry.