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Efficiency and Security Solutions

Mobile Executive is a premium provider of software tools to make life easier for busy Executives and their staff. We believe in working smarter, not harder.


From Project Design, to implementation, our skilled PM’s are experienced in large scale delivery and can be used to both supplement or manage your project needs.


Ranging from Diary Resource Management, and Enterprise Correspondence Management, to tone analytics and mapping visualization.


Providing solutions that range from monitoring software, to a full Partnership of Industry Subject Matter Experts. We offer superior Cyber Governance skills, software tools and Change Management.

Development &

As a specialised company, we have trained Certified Industry Professionals ready to provide the skills and advice necessary to develop, integrate, or improve solutions for your business. The team are fully informed on the latest technologies in their field.


Developing technical solutions to business problems. Our Business Analysts provide wide scale requirements gathering, evaluation, documentation, technical topology mapping, and process design to assist in fulfilling your business needs.


As a preferred IBM Partner since 1992, Mobile Exec provides specialist IBM product administration and consulting, with a focus on Notes and Domino. Since 2019 Random Computing Services have been working with HCL.


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Analyze human risk.
Empower the workforce.
Secure your business.

Measure, boost and monitor employee cyber awareness through admin-lite automation.

Human Risk Management (HRM)

Reduce the risk of a costly user-related data breach and demonstrate your efforts in compliance through measurable employee human risk management programmes.


Humans are targets

36% of successful data breaches involve phishing


Humans make mistakes

90% of successful data breaches involve human error


Compliance is essential

Key standards like ISO 27001
require regular staff training

Make employees your first line of defence

Assess and strengthen each user’s security knowledge gaps through regular, bite-sized training courses that are prioritised based on their risk areas.

Identify which employees are susceptible to sophisticated and common phishing attacks through periodic simulations, and educate those who show high risk.

Safeguard exposed user accounts that could be used to launch targeted attacks by monitoring the dark web for stolen credentials (such as passwords).

Keep users well-versed on security
policies and procedures by requesting and tracking eSignature approvals from a pre-loaded library of core documents.

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